Ceramic Japan is on a mission to share elegantly understated designs, born from profound emotions, with a global audience. Rooted in Seto's ceramic tradition, we've crafted timeless creations since 1973, blending pioneering designs with our artisanal heritage. Our unwavering commitment to design has garnered global acclaim, including the Good Design Award and recognition by MoMA in New York. Today, we offer products that unite functionality and ethereal beauty, inviting you to explore our unique world of practical yet artistic excellence.
Crinkle Superbag XLCrinkle Superbag XL

Crinkle Superbag XL

Ceramic Japan

New Crinkle Vase LLNew Crinkle Vase LL

New Crinkle Vase LL

Ceramic Japan

New Crinkle Vase LNew Crinkle Vase L

New Crinkle Vase L

Ceramic Japan

New Crinkle Vase MNew Crinkle Vase M

New Crinkle Vase M

Ceramic Japan

New Crinkle Vase SNew Crinkle Vase S

New Crinkle Vase S

Ceramic Japan

Musubu VaseMusubu Vase

Musubu Vase

Ceramic Japan

$70.00 - $120.00
2 Sizes
Neo Tree VaseNeo Tree Vase

Neo Tree Vase

Ceramic Japan

KITCHIBE Crinkle CandleKITCHIBE Crinkle Candle

KITCHIBE Crinkle Candle


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