KITCHIBE Crinkle Candle

Ceramic Japan

Option: Sakura

For centuries, fragrant woods have been used to infuse Japanese rooms with delightful scents. Our distinctive aroma blends agarwood, renowned for its refined fragrance, with elements drawn from both Japanese and Chinese medicinal traditions. This calming scent conjures images of a tranquil, traditional Japanese room, imbued with a serene ambiance.

  • Top notes: Japanese herbs
  • Middle notes: Incense, smoke
  • Last notes: Agarwood, Peru balsam
  • Using only domestically-sourced & plant-based ingredients.
  • Soya wax, with palm oil and rapeseed oil base
  • As candle wax dissolves at lower temperature, that allows the delicate scents to be fragrant beautifully
  • No petrol-carbon soot
  • Stable burn
  • Cleaner burning; no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants

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