At ARJ, we unite our love for artisan-made Japanese home goods and love of Californian lifestyle.

ARJ is a California lifestyle shop featuring unique tableware and home décor goods from Asia. It was born from the passion and appreciation for Japanese design, craftsmanship, and its timeless aesthetic. It was born from our desire to celebrate traditional craftsmanship and bring them under one roof. 

We partnered with reputable individual artisans and family-owned producers in Japan, with over 100-year-old in history. We have a strict principle – for any artisan or brand we represent, we visit the factory and artisan in person. We made a trip to Niigata, Arita, Toki, and Seoul. We meet artisans and owners and visit the factory and the region. We would like to bring authentic, sustainable, and honest products in every aspect. We build a strong connection with them before we bring them to our customers. 

We are obsessed with home goods with minimal design, with natural shades, finish, texture, and material. Nature-inspired colors like sand, taupe, cream, and sage, and natural materials such as wood, glass, silver, and gold are our favorites. We love products crafted in an old-fashioned way, in a spirit of ‘Monozukuri’. ‘Monozukuri’ means more than just creating products. It is about a mindset and a drive toward perfection. When we are surrounded by such objects, it makes us feel centered, grounded, and stable. We feel a sense of peace and tranquility at our space.

Everything here is about creating a calm and beautiful space. We are inspired by nature, Japanese philosophy, or your beach house at Malibu, California. Our vision is to become a meeting point where Eastern and Western elements merge together, bringing a source of beauty and inspiration into our place.


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