Rondes Pair Glass (Set of 2)



A palm-sized sake glass with two distinctive, constricted, and rounded spouts. When placed side by side, they resemble two men and women, providing a delightful visual element alongside their functional use for drinking alcohol. These glasses are versatile, suitable for various occasions, including celebrations. By adjusting the size of the drinking spout while maintaining a common form, they not only serve an aesthetic purpose but also enhance the tasting experience, allowing you to savor different sake flavors.

Made in Tokyo, Japan

  • Includes: 2 cups, a gift box
  • Material: Glass
  • 2.7 oz (80ml), 2.4”D x 2.6”H
  • 2.9 oz (85ml), 1.8”D x 2.6”H
  • Do not use in the microwave.
  • Hand-wash recommended. A glass may be damaged by high temperature or water pressure. 
  • Do not use for hot drinks. 

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