The basic collection displays its roots in traditional Korean porcelain such as Joseon white porcelain or Joseon baekja - which refers to the white porcelain produced during the Joseon dynasty (1392-1910). The iconic shape and color of each piece is based on the famed and historic Joseon white porcelain. Seungmin Ji reinterpreted the traditional Joseon white porcelain shape in his own way to create a refined and contemporary twist on a classic. It is hard to believe because of the clean lines and symmetrical style, but each piece is handcrafted by the artist in his studio. 'The Basic Collection' is perfect for everyday use with its clean, simple lines and durable nature.

Y Bowl SY Bowl S

Y Bowl S

3 Colors
Y Bowl LY Bowl L

Y Bowl L

3 Colors
Y Noodle BowlY Noodle Bowl

Y Noodle Bowl

3 Colors
Wide Butter BowlWide Butter Bowl

Wide Butter Bowl

3 Colors
Wide BowlWide Bowl

Wide Bowl

3 Colors
Wide Octagon PlateWide Octagon Plate

Wide Octagon Plate

3 Colors
Round Oval PlatterRound Oval Platter

Round Oval Platter

3 Colors
Round SaucerRound Saucer

Round Saucer

3 Colors
Oblong MugOblong Mug

Oblong Mug

3 Colors
Square MugSquare Mug

Square Mug

3 Colors
Y Mug and SaucerY Mug and Saucer

Y Mug and Saucer

$55.00 - $90.00
3 Colors2 Options


Pebble Cutlery RestPebble Cutlery Rest

Pebble Cutlery Rest

6 Colors