Y Bowl L


Color: Ivory

Founded by ceramic artist Seungmin Ji and creative director Woorim Jang, Jiseungmin Gonggi is a renowned pottery studio based out of Seoul, Korea. Ji reinterpreted the traditional Joseon shape in his own way to create a refined and contemporary twist on a classic.

Distinctly inspired by historic Korean porcelain, the Basic Collection displays simple, traditional shape with a contemporary twist. With its clean, simple lines and durable nature. It is perfect for everyday use. All pieces are made exclusively out of Ji’s ceramic studio where he applies his unique and experimental glaze textures.

With its eye-catching shape - a wide top and narrow bottom - makes your dishes more presentable and restaurant-like dish. Y Bowl S is a great size for an ice cream or fruit bowl and L is great for soup or mini salad bowl. For asian cuisine, S is for rice bowl and L is for soup bowl. If you are creative enough, these bowls can be used as a storage or flower pot.

  • Material: Stoneware
  • Color: Ivory, Yellow Ochre, Shade Green
  • Y Bowl S 4.9"D x 2.5"H
  • Y Bowl L 6.1"D x 2.6"H

      Dishwasher safe
      Microwave safe

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