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Named after its origins, 1616 / arita japan products are produced in the same factories as the original Arita pottery.

Aritayaki, a kind of Japanese pottery, finds its roots in the ancient ceramics town of Arita located on Kyushu Island in southern Japan. 1616 was the year when the Koreans first introduced the art of pottery to Japan. Up to today Arita still produces ceramics made by local craftsmen using the distinctive ingredient of clay made from crushed stone. Inspired by the profound experience and skills of local Arita craftsmen, designer and creative director Teruhiro Yanagihara developed a completely new ceramics brand for Momota-Touen Corporation.

Teruhiro Yanagihara, the creative director of 1616 / Arita Japan, designed the “Standard” series and invited Dutch designers Scholten & Baijings to develop the “Colour Porcelain” series. Both contributions throw new light on Japanese tradition, mixing Asian craftsmanship with European culture. While Teruhiro Yanagihara experiments with clay and usage of the pottery, Scholten & Baijings emphasize the dialogue between applied art and everyday use by means of color and form. In 2018, French designer Pierre Charpin fused the traditional shape born from the 400-year history of Arita porcelain, modern sense, and cutting-edge technology, "1616 / PC Outline," series has been added as a collection.

TY Palace Plate | Dinnerware | 1616 / ARITA JAPAN

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Enjoy designs from our gifted artists from around the world - 

Now you can experience for yourself the expert craftsmanship and artistry in every award-winning collection. Whether you're designing your new home, refreshing your decor, or adding to your tableware, dinnerware and more, you'll find objects of function and design from some of the most talented in the industry. Each designer, be it a fresh take on the traditional or an entirely new approach to what it means to be a 'home goods' item, from forks to chopsticks, plates to vases, there is something unique for everyone.

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Choosing to incorporate modern Asian design into your home means creating a calming space, a space with items that, in their own design, command the attention of everyone who enters without demanding too much. Functional art made from experts and artisans using natural materials in a completely new take on old world styles, all the while incorporating a minimalist aesthetic.

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Dinnerware designs that embody the soul and spirit of the Asian culture while expressing a sense of modernism and evoking the essence of the West Coast is the core of ARJ.

Our artist collections include cutlery, bowls, sauce dishes, plates, serving platters, cups mugs, and saucers that capture the beauty of Asian culture with each designer lending their own interpretation to provide you with the most memorable dining experience.

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Asian design traditions inspired by western modernity has fused a new global culture in art, design, home goods. At ARJ Los Angeles, we celebrate the blend of Asian design and a the casual, modern West Coast lifestyle for the most enjoyable dining and drinking experience. The collective design of drink ware from our featured artists will brighten your table and bar with rich colors and the highest quality materials in a fresh, artful way.

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If you have the desire to enhance your dining experience, look no further, our expertly crafted, traditional-meets-modern flatware collections are unsurpassed.

Minimalist design and innovation, precise workmanship, and careful finishing combined with 100% high-quality materials are available to you on ARJ for your dining memories.

Enjoy all your meals be them casual or fine in style with these exceptional, modern offerings.



Discover our curated collection of fine glassware that are both functional and decorative, made by master artisans around the world.

At ARJ Los Angeles, we celebrate the blend of Asian design and a the casual, modern West Coast lifestyle for the most enjoyable dining and drinking experience. The collective design of drink ware from our featured artists will brighten your table and bar with rich colors and the highest quality materials in a fresh, artful way.


Hataman Touen creates many unique and original products in three distinctive families. “Iro-Nabeshima” are the most traditional, characterized by elegant and subdued colors and delicate patterns. “Sukashi-bori” have translucent patterns carved into a soft white surface. The third is “Cuir,” which means “leather” in French, and is a completely new expression of porcelain characterized by a texture, luster, and touch reminiscent of the grain of leather.



Originally crafted by the Shakers in the late 1700’s, these oval pantry boxes have become a treasured items in countless homes worldwide due to their simple beauty and practical design.

The Shakers believed that beauty is utility and carried this concept to heart and crafted everything from furniture, homes, farms, and these unique wooden boxes. Once used to contain coffee, tea, sugar and other small items kitchen items, now these distinct oval boxes can become a beautiful decor or storage fixture in your home. 

Kaneko Kohyo - ARJ Los Angeles


Kaneko Kohyo Pottery was founded in 1921 and celebrated its 100-year anniversary in 2020. The Rinka Collection is one of the most sought after ceramic design stories for tabletop, dinnerware and drinkware.

Originally Japan’s largest producer of Tokkuri sake serving bottles, it creates new items with originality, beauty and functionality for dining and entertaining pleasure. Kaneko Kohyo’s products have been used by some of the finest chefs and luxury haute couture brands in Japan and Europe. It offers a wider range of original, fine tableware that enhances both the cuisine and table settings across the globe.Its history and traditions are rooted in the much-admired local Mino-yaki pottery styles, and it is important to preserve and promote the uniqueness and beauty of Mino-yaki pottery. 

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With over eighty years of experience, Kimoto Glass Tokyo, has a mission to share its unique perspective on a new world of glass products.

Working with experienced Edo Kiriko craftsmen and innovative designers, Kimoto Glass connects these skilled glass professionals to bring a modern take on the highly sought-after traditional Kiriko cut glass wares of Japan, with the goal to protect and develop the tradition, paying respect to a variety of glassmaking methods with the objective of producing tableware with the highest degree of perfection.

Kimoto Glass’s Edo Kiriko Glass Series received the Grand Prize in the 5th Tokyo’s Traditional Handcrafts Challenge Award. 


When it comes to the minimalist, modern kitchen, functional and artfully created kitchenware plays a key role. Our curated pieces from  there is no cleaner, linear or more sublime products on the market this season than our ARJ designer collections. 


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Marunao makes a variety of wooden utensils with their rich experience of working Ebony and Granadillo, using traditional finishing techniques passed from generation and generation.

Marunao chopsticks are made of all-natural material, never containing any artificial chemicals, lacquers, paints, or additives. Each product is carefully handcrafted by artisans and the rich color, shapes, and wood grains may vary slightly depending on the material due to the natural origin of the materials. Marunao partners with numerous French and Italian luxury fashion house and its cutlery is loved by chef's worldwide.

Marunao || 4th-Generation Wood Maker with a 100-Year History

Marunao has over 100-year history with making wood products in the city of Sanjo, Niigata, Japan. The first generation of Marunao’s founding family, Naoyoshi Fukuda, began making carpentry tools in Kanazawa in 1939. The company continued to make classical Japanese instruments and carpentry tools. In 2003, Takahiro Fukuda, the 3rd generation of the Fukuda family, decided to focus on making the best chopsticks with his family’s heritage, extensive knowledge and experience in woodworking, passed by generations and generations. 

Tsubame-Sanjo || Land of Rich and Fertile Earth 

Marunao is located at Tsubane-Sanjo, a well-known place for rich, fertile earth and precision metal working. In 2014, Marunao opened its new headquarters with a factory and retail shop in the Yada district of Sanjo city. This place is very special - overlooking Mount Yahiko, the hills of Echigo plain roll out, showing the beauty of four seasons. 

The Marunao Philosophy || All About the Materials

With their expensive understanding and experience in wood, Marunao has very strict standards in terms of the material. They searched the world for the best material to make spoons and chopsticks, which will last for generations and generations. Ebony and Granadillo are Marunao’s favorite material, with its sturdiness and a high degree of specific gravity. To complement the wood, precious metals are used such as 18 carat gold, sterling silver, and brass. 



Elevate your table with these sought-after plates, bowls, serving pieces and more.

Entertain in style with our elegant selection of modern tabletop designs, all comprising of a sense of the minimalist-  striking and fresh, each design will turn a casual luncheon or formal dinner into a truly memorable experience. Don't just set the table, let ARJ guide you to the table top design that exudes character, creativity that expresses your unique style.

PC Outline Collection

PC Outline Collection

Artist Pierre Charpin expertly and artfully created the PC Outline Collection exclusively for 1616 / arita Japan. 

Pierre Charpin created a series for Arita Japan which is named,  '1616/PC Outline' combining the traditional shape which is born from history of Arita pottery in 400 years, and a contemporary sense of the latest technology.

Creating in a design style which has nostalgia and newness, combining contemporary line and graphics while basing organic form that is fitting to the hands, which is characteristic of Japanese pottery.

As one of the leading figures on the French design scene, Pierre Charpin, has an extensive portfolio of product and furniture design for leading international design brands. 

S&B Colour Porcelain

S&B Colour Porcelain

The artists, Sholten and Baijings have created this exclusive collection for Arita Japan. 

Based on extensive research on Arita ceramics and an analysis of historical local masterpieces, Dutch artists Scholten & Baijings created a series named Colour Porcelain. Typical Japanese colours, such as aquarelle-blue, light green, red-orange and ochre, are recontextualised and applied in new combinations on a set of contemporary, highly functional tableware that in its entirety still reflect the typical Arita colour spectrum.

Layered colour compositions are carried out in various textures and shades of glaze and are combined with the natural white of the porcelain itself. Made with a delicate sense for local crafts and industry, 'Colour Porcelain' shows an original European perspective on Japanese tradition.

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Shop the artisan-made Japanese home goods and love of Californian style: dinnerware sets, flatware, drinkware, and tableware.

We partnered with reputable individual artisans and family-owned producers in Japan, with over 100-year-old in history. We have a strict principle – for any artisan or brand we represent, we visit the factory and artisan in person. We would like to bring authentic, sustainable, and honest products in every aspect.

We are obsessed with home goods with minimal design, with natural shades, finish, texture, and material. Nature-inspired colors like sand, taupe, cream, and sage, and natural materials such as wood, glass, silver, and gold are our favorites. We love products crafted in an old-fashioned way, in a spirit of ‘Monozukuri’. ‘Monozukuri’ means more than just creating products. It is about a mindset and a drive toward perfection. When we are surrounded by such objects, it makes us feel centered, grounded, and stable. We feel a sense of peace and tranquility at our space.



STIIK has received the Red Dot Award 2020 for Product Design, one of the three major design awards in the world.

STIIK also received the World Package Design Award and the Pentawards Gold medal in 2019 for its product package design. 

STIIK chopsticks have been designed to meet modern eating habits and have become a standard piece of cutlery alongside the traditional knife, fork and spoon in households that appreciate international dishes. Made from Japanese bamboo, STIIK chopsticks showcase a filigree look and are highly durable despite their small diameter. The expert balance between diameter and length ensures comfortable handling. Measuring 26cm in length and available in five distinct colors, the chopsticks are slightly longer than those of traditional Japanese size.

STIIK is designed by Ko Design Concept and made in Gifu, Japan.

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Looking to refresh your summer table? Check out our summer collection for all your new summer tableware needs.

Come and find that one-of-a kind drinking glasses, dinner platters, sushi chopsticks, and many more items you've been searching for high and low!


Exclusively designed by Korean artist, Tae Hoon Lee, for ARJ Los Angeles. Its irregular shapes and different sizes are like art objects. The asymmetric forms give a different feel each time you hold the glass.


TY Standard Collection

TY Standard Collection

The TY Collection for 1616 / arita Japan created by artist Teruhiro Yanagihara.

Teruhiro Yanagihara, the creative director of 1616 / arita japan, designed the Standard series and at the same time invited Dutch designers Scholten & Baijings to develop their own line named Colour Porcelain. Both contributions throw new light on Japanese tradition, mixing Asian craftsmanship with European culture.

While Teruhiro Yanagihara experiments with the clay and the usage of the pottery, Scholten & Baijings emphasize the dialogue between applied art and everyday use by means of colour and form.