Moist Gold Triple Pine Tree Plate



One of the traditional techniques of Nabeshima ware, called "Moist," is a unique expression technique newly developed by Hataman, incorporating the essence of Nabeshima celadon porcelain.

This technique creates a moist and matte texture that provides an indescribably pleasant tactile experience. The gentle, light green texture adds to its appeal.

Moist Collection

A fusion of traditional Nabeshima ware techniques and Hataman's unique expression method applied to Nabeshima celadon porcelain. This innovative approach brings forth a delightful moist and matte texture, promising an irresistibly comfortable tactile experience that beckons you to explore further. The gentle, light green hue adds to its allure.

Nabeshima Celadon Porcelain Collection

Nabeshima celadon porcelain is a precious glaze, emitting a distinctive green hue. Crafted from a closely guarded secret formula, this exquisite glaze originates from high-quality celadon ore sourced from Mt. Okawachi. A cherished tradition within Nabeshima ware, it imparts vessels with a captivating wide gradation. This contrast-driven technique results in darker shades in thicker areas and delicate light greens in lighter sections, all influenced by the underlying base.

Designed and Hand-painted by Hataman Touen

Made in Imari, Japan

  • Material: Porcelain
  • Size: 7.4"W x 5.1"D x 1"H
  • When cleaning, kindly use a gentle, neutral detergent with a soft sponge or similar and hand wash. Avoid vigorous scrubbing with abrasive cleansers or scrubbing brushes as it may scratch the surface.
  • Please refrain from using a dishwasher, as the abrasives and bleaching agents in the detergent may cause the painted colors to fade or come off.
  • Gold or silver products should not be used in the microwave oven.
  • Do not expose any ceramic products to open flames or place them in ovens.
  • Please be cautious, as porcelain can be susceptible to damage from strong impacts or sudden temperature changes. Avoid using damaged products, as they may pose safety risks.
  • To remove persistent stains like tea stains or hot water scale, use kitchen bleach following the recommended instructions. Be mindful not to use products with gold or silver decorations, as they may cause discoloration

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